USBtribeMIDI interfaces for KORG Monotribe and Volca synths.

User Support

User information for the USBtribe, Monotribe and Volca MIDI mods.

Installation Instructions

Monotribe Mods

USBtribe - Installation photo guide
DINtribe - Installation photo guide

USBtribe - Installation video guide

DINtribe - Installation video guide

Volca Mods

MIDIbeats - Installation photo guide
MIDIbass - Installation photo guide
MIDIkeys - Installation photo guide
MIDIsample - Installation photo guide
MIDIfm - Installation photo guide

MIDIbeats - Installation video

MIDIbass - Installation video

MIDIkeys - Installation video

MIDIsample - Installation video

MIDIfm - Installation video

MIDI Implementation Chart

Monotribe Mods

12-11-2012 - USBtribe_MIC.pdf

Volca Mods

15-07-2016 - MIDIbeats_MIC.pdf
15-07-2016 - MIDIbass_MIC.pdf
15-07-2016 - MIDIkeys_MIC.pdf
15-07-2016 - MIDIfm_MIC.pdf
15-07-2016 - MIDIkick_MIC.pdf


Monotribe Mods

27-11-2012 - USBtribe_Manual.pdf

Volca Mods

11-05-2014 - MIDIbeats_Manual.pdf


The USBtribe firmware can be easily updated, via USB, by following the steps in our firmware upload guide.

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